Casino development


In the last 5 years tensquarestudio specialized in custom casino games development. Our projects mostly evolve around real time display of standard casino games and interactive croupiers. Our 3D framework allows us to meet and fit any customers demand and machine configuration. A combination of 2D and 3D display allows us to integrate our games into single and multi-player machines with an unlimited number of screens.

Apps and systems...

Our clients can choose between full gaming system development or integration of modules like game logic, communication, security, display, billing etc. Any application or system can be added to already existing machines and frameworks. Casino gaming today is present on many different platforms. Our frameworks are compatible or can be adjusted to run on any desirable system like Windows, Linux, web or mobile. All the software we develop is certified or certification ready.

Real-time apps

Using in house technology our real time game visualizations accurately replace live dealers for most table games and are an attractive feature for any visual presentation of casino games from roulette to bingo. The end product can also be an independent application which can run on an separate computer and includes an communication module that communicates securely with the server. For content that requires fast and dynamic upgrades real time visualizations are the perfect solution.

Casino projects